Environmental Policy
We recognize that it is the most important issue for the conservation of the global environment in order to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing, commercialization and services, and to harmonize with industrial development.
We will promote eco-friendly corporate activities.

1. Recognizing the environmental impact, we always set environmental objectives and goals that take environmental conservation into consideration, such as business activities, products, and services, implement them, and create a framework for review.

2. We will comply with environmental conservation laws and ordinances to prevent pollution.

3. We will build an environmental management system, review this system from time to time, and make continuous improvements.
4. We will work on the following items as important themes in consideration of environmental impact.

A. We will strive for Reduction, Reuse, and Recycle based on the recognition of limited natural resources.
B. Based on the recognition of prevention of global warming, strive to save energy such as gas and electric power.
C. Strive to manage and reduce chemical substances that have an impact on the environment.
D. Strive to reduce and recycle office supplies and packaging materials.
5. This policy will be documented, efforts will be made to educate all employees, and efforts will be made to raise awareness of the environment and environmental conservation.
6. spread the environmental policy to all employees, and provide appropriate education and training to related personnel to ensure implementation.
will also be disclosed outside the company via the Internet.

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「Management of chemical substances in products Policy」

We strive to protect the environment, such as pollution prevention and sustainable use of resources, in order to realize our quality policy, environmental policy, and chemical substance management policy for products.

Based on chemical substance management guidelines, we will comply with laws and regulations related to products and comply with industry standards.

In order to realize the quality / environment / product-containing chemical substance management policy, each department sets quality / environment / product-containing chemical substance management goals, thoroughly disseminates them as the goals of the department’s daily activities, and works on improvement.




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