SK Building, 3-14-2 Motoasakusa, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0041, Japan.

Representative CEO-Fumitaka Sakaguchi
Founding December 14,1990
Capital 10 million yen (approx. 75,000 USD or 520,000 CNY)
Phone  (81)3-5828-7341
Bank MUFG Bank, Mizuho Bank, Asahi Shinkin Bank, Pay Pay Bank
Officially assigned the current president of the company in 2019.We handle basic as well as complex
materials and deal with overseas enterprises.

We are now shifting gears and redirecting our path towards more sophisticated products in the medical and electronic realms. Meanwhile, we have also added America into our goal of expansion.

History Timeline

First step started in Tokyo then moved to different locations around Tokyo in Chiyoda City and Taito City

Eventually closed in 2007 after transferring to Osaka in order to fully focus on the headquarter in Tokyo.

International environmental management system standards for environmental performance
(Renewed in 2004 and 2010)

Established SK Hong Kong Ltd. as well as collaborating factories in mainland China.

Proactively ventured in Tokyo Motor Show by presenting originally designed driver seat

Then-CEO took initiative to join the Society of Silicon Chemistry Japan

Integrated Image Dimension Measurement System IM-8000 Series to ensure top-tier accuracy and presition

Medical Device Manufacturer License; and Type 2 Medical Device Manufacturer and seller license