Our strengths【4】Safe environment and safe raw materials

We aim to conclude basic transaction contracts and non-disclosure agreements with each supplier.

Our PDCA are incorporated OODA’s thinking.

Furthermore, after the conclusion of the agreement, we carry out regular audits of our suppliers, add “awareness” to the QC (quality control) method and PDCA cycle, and incorporate OODA’s thinking so that we can respond to the changing environment. We are always aiming to create an environment and QMS systems that makes it easy to UPDATE.
Especially for environmental measures, we have formulated a quality / environment / product-containing chemical substance management policy, and the department has review quality / environment / product-containing chemical substance management goal at the beginning of the term.
We continue to tackle environmental issues and customer issues.

Our 10 basic spirits

  1. 1. Let’s notice a little deffrent to always

2.way to think 5S
Let’s keep 5S in mind (organization, tidying, cleaning, cleanliness, discipline)

  1. 3. Let’s execute information (report), ream (contact), and consultation
  2. Let’s update the always ( let’s better than yesterday, tomorrow will be even better)
  3. If you think it’s good, take the initiative. (Even if you get 60 points, let’s try it.)
  4. Let’s stop doing if you think bad.
  5. Let’s think for our customers.
  6. Defects are not good for the environment or power, so let’s think about “energy saving of people, things, and things” in advance.
  7. Let’s motivated to participate. (Let’s participate without thinking of people.)
  8. Let’s cherish today’s day. (We think If each person takes good thing of today and acts, the environment of the people around them will improve tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.)